Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ana's Essay about her Family

My mother’s name is Ana. She’s seventy-eight years old but she’s still young. She’s always been a housewife. My father died twenty-two years ago and she stayed alone as a widow ever since, but not for long because my brother, Jose moved home from Madrid, they’re living together since then. My brother doesn’t like cars and he can’t drive so he always walks or takes the bus to go to work.

My eldest daughter, Elisabet, is twenty-five years old. She’s just finished her studies to be a teacher. Now, she’s looking for a job. She likes to work with children. Her boyfriend is also a teacher and now he works as a gym teacher. They’re saving up as much money as they can because they want to marry soon.

My other daughter, Amabel, is twenty-two years old. She studies at the University in Tafira. She studies economics. This year is her last year, I hope. She likes basketball very much and when she can, she goes to the gym. She hates dogs because when she was a little baby a dog jumped near her and she was scared.

My son, Lionel, is eighteen years old. This year he starts his University studies. He would like to be an engineer. He plays basketball and he also trains a children’s team. He has a girlfriend who also studies at the University in Tafira. He loves cars and speed and his dream is to become a F1 pilot, but it’s just that........a dream. (Ana J, NB1A EOI Sta Brígida)

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