Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Travel Essay by Helena A (NA2)

Business has always been a reason to move to unknown lands, to search for treasures and mineral or to trade spices and fabrics.

The travel boom started with the Industrial Revolution mainly when people started to get some better rights, higher salaries and days for rest. During a long period, travel as a hobby was limited to the rich, but the travel sector started to grow faster and develop different methods of transport after the steam ships. The concept of travel changed in the nineteenth century. Firstly, people traveled to visit their family by train or ship but then appear the plane as a business. The plane was the second boom. With commercial flights, came tourism as we know it now.

Nowadays the most common method of transport continues to be the plane. It is a global business. It is because the relation between price and time is quite competitive. On the one hand, airlines have been reducing their costs, removing free food for four or less hours flights, keeping sits just in one position and introduce more rows… and also, they apply logistic strategies on their aircraft fleets, for example to share some with other companies or some strategic stops to fill the plane. On the other hand, with a plane you can cross half the world in 10 hours. This helps to save time, and time is money. That is the reason people prefer to pay a little bit more.

Although the conditions on the planes are getting worse for the costumers while the airlines are increasing their profits, we continue to fly. We haven’t any other option, have we?

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