Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More than 50,000 visits to our humble blog

I just found out my blog at the EOI (http://davidsshea.blogspot.com.es/)  has registered more than 50,000 visits. That may not sound like much to you, but it astonishes me. The blog began as a place to post some of my students' work from the college where I teach. I also make announcements and put my own writings (mostly under the guise of Delmar Lemming, Hopkins Clifford or Clifford Hopkins -- depending on my mood!). It is fun and keeps growing.
When someone drew my attention to the stats, I was rather taken aback. How in the world could such a humble page attract such interest. So I researched the page visits further.
It seems most of the visits come from people in the USA and Spain. That's a fairly tame revelation as I was born in Massachusetts, studied till I was 21 in the USA. I have lived in Spain for most of my working life, over 20 years, in fact. As I teach Spanish students about English language and culture, it is fitting that a lot of the visits are from students either at my college (EOI Sta B, Las Palmas de GC, Spain) or former students of mine from the ULPGC where I taught technical  translation for 13 years.
A friend from Madrid said that most of these English teaching blogs were much of a muchness. If you have seen one, you have seen them all, she shrugged. She may be right. But I hope my blog keeps chronicling, in a small, probably insignificant way, what my students are doing, what they are thinking and some of the stuff  I am writing.
It is not a numbers game, by any means, but it is pleasing to find that someone is visiting the blog. I suppose it would be great if more people commented in the "comment" section at the bottom of every article. But I do not generally get much comment on Facebook notes save for the welcome thumbs up, which indicates that someone had a look anyway!

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