Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mariana Shea Graduates from High School!

Mariana Shea was granted her sheepskin from the American School of Las Palmas this week. The ASLP celebrated a graduation ceremony that highlighted many of the features I most appreciate about the school and American education, in general. From the very first strains of Pomp and Circumstance to the jubilant turning of the tassel, I was thrilled as a parent to be a part of this little community. Teachers Athena and Walid's emcee act, Board member Ben Ward's encouragement to the graduating class, Alex's amazing rap, Rosa and Chichi's thoughtful tribute to each and every graduating senior and last, but not least, principal Lina Saab's down-to-earth bilingual speech.
Although Lina apologized for negativity, I found her address compelling, refreshing and realistic. These are hard times economically but each of the graduates can make their mark, as she urged them in your remarks. I have been blessed (do not let me get carried away here!) to have seen Rosie, Robin and Mariana study and, in their own right, flourish at the school. They are, alas, growing up all too quickly into caring, sharing, strongly individual adults and we have the ASLP to thank for much of their development.
Mariana made a most articulate speech at the ceremony, thanking her folks and teachers and most especially, her siblings Rosie and Robin. She plans to study Fine Arts at the U of Birmingham, England, this fall so she will be near her sister who is studying nursing at King's College in central London.

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