Saturday, April 14, 2012

Talking Movies: Titanic

We have been playing a game, Movie Moguls, which I invented for my fourth year students, but applicable atall levels. The activity involves promoting a favourite film to other students who play the role of intrepid and discerning movie critics. It is a speaking activity but some students did such a good job, I decided to type up their notes. Thanks to all and especially Juan Antonio, who well into his 60s, is a most enthusiastic student.


The Titanic was an enormous, reportedly unsinkable steam ship, the most luxurious one at that time. Its sinking happened in 1912 unfortunately, only five days after setting sail from Southhampton to New York on its inaugural voyage. It struck an iceberg to the south of Terranova, a big disaster in which a lot of people died because the ship hadn't got enough lifeboats. There was a big confusion among its crew.

I enjoyed this gripping film because it was about exciting situations based on a real story.

In fact, the casting was perfect with Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet so their performances were stunning. It was directed by far exceptional James Cameron in 1997. Its soundtrack was superb with Celine Dion's extraordinary voice as a singer.

I was so excited, (shouting and crying) while I was watching that interesting film, (a thriller) that I totally forgot I was into a cinema with people around me. It was amazing!

Althought when I watched Titanic film long time ago I knew its story, plot, twists and unhappy ending through reading, I was pleasantly amazed by the impressive production as the most remarkable movie that I have ever watched in all my life.

Precisely on these days is the anniversary of this tragedy, so I would recommended to celebrate it watching it in its new version in 3D; in fact, I would like to watch  this brilliant masterpiece .

                                            Juan Antonio Moreno NI-2A

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