Friday, April 27, 2012

Krakow (Vanesa's favourite city)

Krakow: a mythical city in the heart of Poland

Krakow, situated on the Vistula River, in the south of Poland, is one of the country's oldest cities. History, legends and an odd man with a trumpet surround this amazing place.
I visited Krakow two years ago, when I was living in Warsaw. I had a friend living there, so it was a perfect opportunity. The Old town was the first part I saw. Immediately I fell in love with this magical city.
There you will find St. Mary's Basilica where every hour on the hour a trumpet is played from the tall tower, a funny, unbelievable spectacle. Near the Old town there is the Wawel Cathedral, considered Poland's national sanctuary, where the remains of many national heroes are buried.
The city is very pretty with lots of cultural sites and has many things to do and see: museum, theaters, parks, pubs and concerts. Of course, one of the most interesting things about Krakow is its history. In each neighborhood you can see and learn about important historical moments for the Polish people.
I wouldn’t mind living in Krakow. I quite fancy quiet cities like Krakow. Moreover, people from this place are very kind, nice and pleasant. They always have time to help you and they are very warm. Maybe, who knows, Krakow is my future.

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