Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let's Work for a Cleaner World by Chely Bonny NI 2

Everyone must consider ways to make our country more environmentally friendly. But, some may ask, how can we manage this?

I think that our country should be more green. First, the government must abandon nuclear energy and invest in renewable energies such as wind power, hydro-energy and change fuel oil and gas for bio-fuel. Thus we could reduce the pollution. Although it is not possible to change everything overnight, we are thinking about people who will live in the world in the future. Our responsibility is to leave the world better than we found it.

On the other hand, big business should build more ecological buildings; they need less energy for heating and cooling their rooms. In their department or office many computers are left on all day and overnight, I suggest that, they should switch everything off. Then they don´t need to switch the lamps on overnight, although this may seem more attractive. Factories too, must not dump chemicals in rivers, because that kills fish.

Furthermore, in our home it is often very warm; the thermostat could be turned down a few degrees. If it is possible we could recycle everything, such as, household waste, we should not use so many plastic bags, we reuse them instead. It is important to try to buy products which are made from recycled materials, and to purchase things that have the least amount of packaging. We also ought to travel by public transport and not drive our cars so much if we can avoid this habit.

Finally, I think that if we change at least some points of views that I include here, we can create a cleaner world.

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