Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Freedom to Dream: my Hot Water Bottle!

I have not used a hot water bottle for a long time. They certainly come in handy up here in the hills when the chills invade our sleepy nights. There must be a lot of folklore related to this wonderful winter ally, but I have none to offer here.
Like most people I have heard about, I do relish a good night's sleep and am grateful to not suffer from any problems in this area. As Jung pointed out, dreams are a big part of our life, thanks to the fact that we sleep much of our lives away. Ay "and in that sleep ... what dreams may come?!" we might ponder as we murder a perfectly good Shakespeare quote.
Take your dreams seriously, Jung also wrote, but keep them in the context of another world that goes beyond our daily routine, our cares and rational waking life. When we sleep, we cut off our moorings to the needs or confines of justification.
In our dreams, we are truly free.

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