Sunday, October 10, 2010

Notes on You are my Sunshine

This old family favorite of mine has a lot of history to it. Apparently one of the co-authors actually ran for governor in Louisiana (or was it Mississippi?) and won.

Whatever the case, he helped produce one of the most tuneful folk classics in US singable history. Indeed, this has proved a crowdpleaser for me in three continents.

Please note that I have never, as far as I know, ever sung the song in G (one sharp) as written below. But the melody is more or less right. Enjoy this ditty and keep singing!

Delmar Lemming


dublinro said...

Hi David! Thank you very much for your blog! I must say I admire your work and think you are an outstanding teacher and an inspiration for other teachers like me.
I'm a teacher of English and now I'm learning to play the guitar!! and... I love it!
I have a request for you, only if you can. I'd love to have the chords you play for "You are my sunshine"(better if they are Latin chords).
Also, I saw you recently in "Canarias mi mundo" playing the song "Liverpool Light"(I think) so would it be possible to have its chords too? I'd really really appreciate it.

Anyway, I might be asking for too much so, whether you do it or not, thank you!!

David Shea said...

Dear Dublinro Good luck with your guitar playing. I think using the guitar in the classroom for a few minutes at the end of each session is great for ending the class.
The liverpool Light song is easy! It starts in Em then goes to D and back to Em then Em - D - Em through the whole song. Sometimes you have to change the Em and use C or G but if you play around with the song, can do it. Good luck and best wishes from David

dublinro said...

Thanks a million!!!

Dara Rodríguez

dublinro said...

Hi again! a couple of links you might like:



Showing my gratitude for your help. I thought it's a good time for the recipe as you're so fond of the Canarian stuff.
The prompter is useful to show the lyrics on the IWB as the ss sing.