Monday, October 11, 2010

My kitchen (by Susana from Santa Brigida NI 2)

The kitchen is very special to me. I have lived here for over ten years and it has become a part of me. It’s full of personal possessions: my crockery I have collected over five years, the wooden furniture that I have personally chosen. Here you will find all the kitchen tools needed to prepare delicious and aromatic recipes. Even a part of the wall has been decorated with my own hands with cheerful flowered wallpaper.
It’s about to 6 meters long and 4 meters wide. It’s big enough to have a glass round table at the bottom with 4 leather chairs which is the local point of the room, just at the front of the conservatory. This conservatory is a large floor-ceiling glass window which looks out onto the garden. The other two walls to the sides are plenty of furniture and appliances such as a microwave, the oven and the fridge, everything of steel colour. But you won’t ever find anything on the table or worktop except some flowers or fruit if we aren’t eating or cooking. This is because I can't stand clutter.
There isn’t any door, which means you come straight into through the living room and the dining room. In fact, there is no door anywhere on this floor except at the bath.
Whenever we have a party or a Christmas dinner, people gravitate with their drinks to the kitchen. It always ends up the fullest and noisiest room in the house but I harbour very pleasant memories of it.

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Susana said...

Thanks David for posting the writting in your blog. The picture looks very good.