Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vicente's Essay about Angela, Our English Classmate for a Day

Here is Vicente's essay about our English friend, Angela.
I hope you enjoy reading it!

Angela has been our foreign classmate for a day.
I first met her when she arrived at the Official School of Languages with Pilar, one of our classmates in the 5th course of English, in the cold evening of 9 January.
Physically, Angela is a long-legged well built woman, of average height and a little thin. She is in her middle twenties and has a fine boned face and a straight nose. Her straight long hair is dark brown and she often brushes it back. Her almond-shaped brown eyes show her humour and friendliness. She prefers wearing casual, modern clothes.
Angela is a very sociable woman. She loves going to parties and dancing and last year, she had the opportunity to study in Las Palmas University for one academic year. She is studying Theatre and Spanish in Canterbury University. She is from the port city of Portsmouth in the south of the United Kingdom. She has been working in a pub to pay for her university studies.
Her hobbies include reading and sports, but she has no time to practise. She hopes to take up tennis and swimming soon.
During the last year she has had the opportunity to live with Canary people. She loves the Canary people’s behaviour. She thinks that it is completely different to English people. In her opinion Spanish people are more “open hearted” than English people and they say something in all sincerity.
All in all, Angela was the perfect foreign classmate.
Vicente Simón – 5º Inglés
12th January 2008 – EOI Sta. Brigida

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