Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mari Carmen's Hommage to her Grandfather, Don Fermín

My granddad’s name was Fermín, he was born on the 26th November, 1901. He lived his first years in Las Lagunetas, but at the age of 9 he had to emigrate to Cuba with his father, looking for a job to bring some money to their home. There he worked cutting sugar cane enduring very harsh conditions. He also had the opportunity of getting to know a different culture and developing his two great passions: horses and Cuban music.
He came back home when he was 19 years old and enlisted in the army. During this period he met the love of his life, Carmen. They were wed two years later, so at 21 he was already a married man, and soon the children arrived in his life. He was the loving father of nine offspring. At that time he was working in a massive farm house as a butler. He was employed there for more than thirty years. He lived in that house and there he brought up all his children.
Little by little he saved enough money to buy his own farm house nearby, in La Calzada. So when he was sixty he still had to work hard to carry out this new project and he did it quite well. He was an endearing man, but also serious and respectable. It was common to see him singing or whistling while working. He lived and worked there until he died on the first of January, 1999. A special date for a special man. (MARY CARMEN NA-1)

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