Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Extra Vocabulary for the Speaking Tests

In our speaking tests, we need to fill up a lot of time. So once we have fulfilled the requirements of the assigned task (la consigna, in Spanish), here are some suggestions for making conversation.


Hello/Hi/ How's it going?  Good morning/ Good day.

How are things?  I haven't seen you for ages!

How do you do? /  Nice to see you. Pleased to see you.   (Me, too).

How are you?  I am in the pink. Fine, thank you.


Gosh! That is a beautiful shirt!  Did you get it at a boutique in Triana?

It was a present from my girl friend. She must really love you!

I really like your new hairstyle.  It suits you very well.

How is your family?   How is your dog?  How are your children?

Are they doing well in their studies?  Do they like their new PE teacher?

Small talk

Dreadfulweather we're having!  Yes, it's terrible!   What a pity!

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