Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Creative Writing


By Ana Delia Miranda NI1

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a very round, funny musical note. She had a very nice bow in her stem. The musical note lived very happily in the musical world. But one day something strange appeared in her musical head.

“What is my sound? Am I a RE? Maybe am I a DO? What is my sound? I have never heard myself. What musical note am I?”

Then she saw that other notes were very happy. They never which sounds they were. So she decided to go to Pentagram’s house, because he was an expert on musical notes.

Pentagram’s house was near the forest. It was a very big house. Many notes lived in it. In the garden, there were some trees and beside an old tree, there was a slide. The notes played up and down, so they practiced the musical scale. Around the garden, there were many red and white flowers where the bees would dance inside.

Then our friend arrived at Mr Pentagram’s house. He saw her and said; “Hmm, what’s the matter, little note?” So the musical note explained her dilemma.

“You don’t know what your sound is! Don’t worry... but you have a difficult job,” Mr Pentagram replied. “Maybe this task will take a life time to solve. You will need some training. It’s very important to know what your sound is to be really happy.”

“Let’s go to Miss Treble Clef’s house. I am sure she can help you because Treble Clef gives the notes their names.”

The following day, our friend went to Miss Treble Clef’s house. It was a very old tree. The note told her what her problem was. “Don’t worry,” Miss Treble Clef said. “You can stay in my home for a week, okay? I am sure you will find your sound here.”

In the morning, when musical notes were playing on the Pentagram and Treble Clef was organizing them to sing a melody, one little musical note slipped down and down by Mr Pentagram’s lines. Suddenly, the note without sound ran to help her but in her try, she slipped, too.

Plaf! DO! Oh the note sounded like a DO note. Wonderful. Now our friend had discovered her sound. She was happy.

So musical note understood that only helping others we can find our real sound.

“Bye, bye!” the musical note said. “We will keep in touch.” Then they lived happily ever after.

Moral: Everybody has a lot of qualities and only when you give them to others, you find your “sound.”

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