Sunday, April 20, 2014

Conversation topics for NA 2 speaking exams

DIY: one partner likes to do DIY around the house activities and has to convince the other partner that this is a great hobby to take up. It saves money and also provides satisfaction, for example, but requires carpentry, plumbing and other skills.
Global Warming: Discuss what can be done to improve our environment, both on an individual or neighbourhood level and in terms of government measures.
Guests Again!? Your partner has received a phone call from some US relatives who are going to come to stay. But they are quite a crowd and there is not enough room. Also you have had guests recently.
Social Networks: Discuss the pros and cons of social networking at both a personal and business level. Include in your discussion its usefulness in keeping people connected, how it helps some shy people overcome their fears, but also how addictive it might be for some users and also how it wastes a lot of time.

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