Monday, March 24, 2014

Restaurant Dialogues

Jim:                Where is there a good restaurant?
Maggie:         Why not? Tinguaro's Restaurant at 156 Thomas Jefferson Boulevard.
Jim:                Oh yes... I’ll phone for reserve a table for two.
Jim:                I'd like to book a table for two at 8 pm in the name of Jim, please. Could we have                      a table by the window, please?
Waitress:      No problem, sir.

Waitress:      Good evening, madam, sir. Do you have a reservation?
Jim:                Good evening. Yes, we have a reservation for a table for two in the name of Jim.
Waitress:      Yes sir. May I take your coats?
Maggie & Jim: Thank you.
Waitress:      Your very welcome to Tinguaro's Restaurant.
Waitress:      Please follow me, please.

Maggie:         May I see a menu, please?
Waitress:      I'll bring you the menu straightaway.
Waitress:      Would you like to order now?
Jim:                Yes, what is today's special, please?
Waitress:      Spaghetti:  grated tomato, chicken, mushrooms, hot chilli (UK)  / chili (USA) and                       garlic.
Jim:                Not really... I’m allergic to garlic.
Maggie:         What do you recommend?
Waitress:      Roast beef with chips.
Maggie:         Does it come with salad?
Waiter:           Yes, ma'am.
Maggie:         Oh yes,  I love roast beef.  For starters / entrée I'll have the soup and for the main                     course I'd like the roast beef with chips and salad, please.
Waitress:      How would you like your meat cooked?
Maggie:         Rare, please.
Waitress:      Enjoy your meal!
Maggie:         Could we have some brown bread, please?
Waiter:           Certainly.
Jim:                Can you bring me the soup of the day and a salad, please?
Waitress:      Tropicana, Norwegian, Mixed, Chicken, Pasta salad, Cesar, cheese salad...
Jim:                Cheese salad, what type of cheese do you have, please?
Waitress:      Brie, Camembert, Colby, Cheddar cheeses.
Jim:                Yes, can I have a cheese salad, please?
Waitress:      Yes, sir.
Maggie:          Would you kindly pass me / Could you pass me the salt, Jim?
Jim:                Here you are, Maggie.

Maggie:         Excuse me, this roast beef is over done, I ordered rare.
Waiter:           Excuse me, madam.
Jim:                Oh, wow! but my soup is cold.
Waitress:      No problem, sir.

Jim:                Could I see the wine menu, please?
Waitress:      Would you like red, white or rosé.
Maggie:         Is   there   anything   you  would  recommend, please?  /  Could you  recommend                     something, please?
Waitress:      I'll have a bottle of red wine or rosé wine.
Maggie:         Which drink would you recommend?
Waitress:      Rosé.
Jim:                Yes, of course.
Maggie:         We'd  like a glass of mineral water and a  beer without alcohol / low-alcohol beer                      too, please.
Waitress:      Still or sparkling?
Maggie:         Sparkling on the rocks.

Waiter:           Would you like a dessert?
Maggie:         Yes, I'd like the cheesecake with cranberries, please.
Jim:                Yes, can I have the cream with caramelized walnuts, please.
Waitress:      Surely.
Maggie:         That was delicious, Jim.

Waiter:           Would you like anything else?
Maggie:         Yes, can I have a coffee.
Waitress:      Black coffee, coffee with milk, decaffeinated coffee, espresso, Irish coffee...
Maggie:         I would prefer an espresso, please.
Jim:                And I'd like an Irish coffee, please.
Waiter:           Would you like anything else?
Jim:                No, that's all, thanks.

Waitress:      Was everything to your satisfaction?
Maggie:         Certainly not!
Jim:                It's a shame.
Maggie:         The meal was a rip-off and the service was appalling.
Waitress:      I'm so sorry, ma'am.
Waitress:      I beg your pardon, sir.
Maggie:         Excuse me.
Waitress:      Yes, ma'am. Would you like anything else?
Jim:                Could I have the bill (UK) / check (USA), please?
Waitress:      Yes, of course.
Maggie:         We'd like separate bill / check, please.
Waitress:      Yes, madam.
Jim:                Can I pay by credit card?
Waitress:      Surely, sir.
Maggie:         Do you take Visa?
Waitress:      Yes, ma'am.

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