Thursday, September 26, 2013

Clap your hands at the door in Tejeda

In our advanced class, I mentioned the 2004 film "Bombon le chien," (or Bombon el perro, for more details see in reference to how people greet their neighbors when they stop by for a visit. In this case, the Chilean hero of the movie, which takes place in the southern reaches of Patagonia, tends to clap his hands a couple of times when he is at someone's door. This struck me as odd but a friend from Tejeda said this was a custom in her mom's village up in the mountains. Tachy happens to work in Tejeda and filed this report.  

Hi David. Yesterday I was thinking about what you said in class about how people in Tejeda used to clap hands instead of knocking at doors. Today I asked an old man in Tejeda about this and he said me that is true. The reason is because the doors of the houses used to be opened, so people made noise before venturing in (in case the occupants were in the bathroom or in a more embarrassing situation) . Another interesting fact the old man told me was that people in Tejeda (particularly in La Culata) used to ask the family's father the blessing while they kissed his hand. This was custom not long time ago ... amazing! ¡├ęchale mojo!

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