Monday, January 7, 2013


(Tania from NI1 wrote this essay about vegetarianism which we have been talking about in class.)
Nowadays many people are interested in taking care of their health, but there is another group of people who not only cares for their health but also for the animals and our environment. They call themselves vegetarians and vegans. 

How many people keep a vegetarian diet?  India has the largest vegetarian population with 40% of which 68% there are women compared to 32% of men; UK 7% of It is population, Germany 9%, and 0,5% (200,000 people) in Spain.

So what does being a vegan mean? Being vegan is a lifestyle that is against all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals and preventing damage. What is important in the vegan diet is the abstention of meat and food made with meat and meat products.

By avoiding meat consumption, our life expectancy is higher, eliminating dietary cholesterol is found in animal products also problems of the heart, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases.

Obviously a person who wants to be a vegetarian must be prepared as this would be a shock to your body. Besides having willpower allows you to continue with that determination.

Finally we can say that this lifestyle promotes good health with less chance of getting sick and feel better about yourself.

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