Friday, February 24, 2012

Juan Antonio's Imaginary Adventure

Juan Antonio's youngest son loves to kitesurf, so dad fly to the other side of the world to visit the best kitesurfing location-- in the Philipines. It is an imaginary adventure but a nice piece of writing from a great student! Thanks for this work, Juan Antonio.

A Postcard for my youngest son
                         Boracay  Island-Filipinas 21st February, 2012
  Dear Alberto, Having a lovely time in the Philipines, at Bolabag  beach, to be precise. I arrived at Luzon Island last Friday from Dubai and at this moment I’m on Boracay Island, situated to the southeast of Manila. Boraca is a small island of this archipelago where people can practise your favourite outdoor activity,  kitesurfing. In fact I miss you kitesurfing among them. Bolabag is easily the best place in this country for practising it because there is always windy weather. As you can see in this postcard it’s very sunny, too.  Now I’m reading a nice book called “Sonrisas de Bombay” while enjoying a wonderful sunset reclining in a comfortable rocking chair. See you soon,  Dad


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