Sunday, September 12, 2010

No Sour Grapes! (Delmar Lemming)

We have been harvesting great bunches of pale green grapes this September. After grafting on some new branches last February, the old arbor is producing a new seedless grape that is so good for a mid-morning snack. At the EOI, the new crop has garnered rave reviews. Rosie has offered to make a jelly or jam with these gems but I fear they won't last that long. You can hardly stop yourself once you get started on a bunch. In fact, I wanted to enter a bunch in the Guiness Book of World Records, it was so huge and heavy on the vine. But soon as friends and families and work mates got hold of it, it as gone!

This morning, while digging in the garden, I uncovered some dark, dark Welch's type of grapes which were small and not quite ripe, but scrumptious. Their sweet flesh reminded me of the grapes my Aunt Mary Hanley used to grow in their Second Street garden. She turned most of them into jelly which she stored in the cellar in those portly jars, their lids sealed with wax and pectin.

Sweet memories and no sour grapes!

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