Friday, March 27, 2009

A Tribute to Ebe's Grandmother

To my Students:

We have been talking about our ancestors in the second year (NB2) class. Here is a very nice piece by Ebe. I look forward to receiving more essays. David


My grandma was born in 1900, in Tejeda, in a small village way up in the mountains of the island of Gran Canaria, her name was Pepa, just like my sister.

Pepa married when she was sixteen years old and had three daughters and two sons, she worked very hard during the Civil War cultivating the land, doing housework and taking care of her children.

Curiously, she never went to the seaside until she was approximately ninety years old, when she went to live in the capital of Las Palmas. It was the first time she ever went up an escalator (or mechanical stairs) an amazing experience for her. She had never gone up steps like that before.

She only left the island once to go to Madrid and the flight by plane was exciting.

She was never in hospital for disease, up until 97 years old, when she died.

All our relatives remember her as a happy person.

By Ebe

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