Thursday, December 3, 2015

Spanish is difficult.

Click here: Spanish is difficult.
To my students at the EOI StaB, 

I received this enchanting little film which confirms my suspicion that Spanish is very difficult indeed. 

Thanks to Anghara for this link.

Adiós amigos!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

More Money Vocabulary

salesman = a person who sells products

make money = ganar dinero

boutique = a shop for luxury or designer  clothes, usually boutiques are exclusive and expensive.

gamble = to play a game that involves winning or losing

went on sale = salir a la venta – when something is presented to the public for sale

millionaire = a person who has a lot of money

NI1 Monologue Speaking Topics

1) Could you tell me if you speak any other languages?
2) How do you spend your weekends?
3) What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
4) Do you come from a big family?
5) What kind of food don´t you like?
6) Have you ever been to an English-speaking country?
7) What did you want to be when you were a child?
8) What do you use the Internet for?
9) What kind of things annoy you in a restaurant?
10) Would you mind telling me where you bought those shoes?
11) Can you remember the first time you traveled by plane?
12) What music do you like listening to in the car?

1 Can you remember the last time you bought a DVD?
2 What would be your ideal evening?
3 What kind of things are you good at?
4) What don't you like about where you live?
5) What made you want to learn English?
6) What were you doing this time yesterday?
7) Do you know how long has this school been open?
8) Would you like to go and live in a foreign country?
9) Have you ever broken your arm or leg?
10) Would you mind telling me what are you afraid of?
11) What most irritates you about people from your country?
12) When was the last time you went to the cinema?

More Money-Related Expressions

To all NI1 students, here are some more expressions you might find useful for class this week (sorry if my translations are not perfect!):

1 My fiancé and I have had a joint checking account for two years now.  = Mi novio y yo hemos tenido una cuenta corriente conjunta desde hace dos años.
2 Our aunt left us a huge inheritance when she died. = Nuestra tía nos dejó una gran herencia cuando murió.
3 How long have you been paying that mortgage? = ¿Cuánto tiempo llevas pagando esa hipoteca? (¿Cuánto tiempo ha estado pagando la hipoteca?)
4 Has your cousin gone into debt again? = ¿Tu prima se ha endeudado de nuevo?
5 Our grandfather was quite careful with his meager pension. =  Nuestro abuelo era muy cuidadoso con su exigua pension.
6 In Nordic countries the luxury tax on alcohol and other items is extremely high. = En los países nórdicos, el impuesto de lujo sobre el alcohol y otros elementos es extremadamente alta.
7 I always pay off my debts as soon as I can.= Yo siempre pago mis deudas tan pronto como pueda.
8 If you have enough money, why don’t you buy yourself a new pair of jeans? = Si usted tiene suficiente dinero, ¿por qué no comprarse un nuevo par de pantalones vaqueros?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Money Matters (Unit 2 English File Intermediate NI 1)

Money-related Vocabulary (from Unit 2, English File)
lend = prestar
borrow = pedir prestado
loan = préstamo
mortgage = hipoteca
debt = deuda
debtor  = persona endeudada
inheritance = herencia
heir = heredero
take out money from the bank = withdraw (sacar, retirar dinero del banco
luxury items tax = impuesto de artículos de lujo
bargains = sales (chollos, gangas)

Sample sentences:
I can’t afford a new suit. = No puedo pagar un traje nuevo.
If you borrow money from your sister, you have to pay it back. = Si pides prestado dinero a tu hermana,  tienes que devolverlo.
Paper or plastic? = ¿(Quiere pagar) en efectivo o con tarjeta?
She’s quite frugal with her earnings. = Ella es bastante austere con lo que gana.

Other Expressions:
try on a hat = probar un sombrero
taste the food = probar la comida
try a new pen = probar nuevo boli
test the perfume = probar el perfume
try out a new car = probar un coche

Timetable for NI1 Groups B / C

14th /12
15th /12
Book Fair
16th /12
17th /12 Book Fair
Last Class
21st /12  
Solidarity Fair
22nd /12
25th 12
Merry Xmas
6th Jan
 Happy Little Xmas
11th Jan
12th Jan
13th Jan  
14th Jan EIE Writing
18th Jan
19th Jan Listening Test
21st Grammar Test
25th Jan
26th Speaking
28th Speaking
1st Feb
2nd Review tests
3rd Feb
4th /2 New Unit ...
8th Feb  Carnival